If life was a movie

If life was a movie
I’d be on repeat
If life was a musical
I’d be dancing to the beat

If life was a movie
Every ending will be happy
If life was a movie
Love would be sappy
If life was a song
Everyone would be singing
If life was a song
There’d be little bells ringing

If life was a movie
My hair wouldn’t get wet
If life was a movie
I wouldn’t oh debt
If life life was a show
It wouldn’t be day after day
If life was a show
It would be June and then may

If life was a movie
I’d be on repeat
If life was a musical
I’d be dancing to the beat


1: the first pair of high heels were made for male soldiers in 1500s

2: it is physically impossible for a pig to raise his head and look at the sky

3: your thumb is the same size as your nose

4: Dolly Parton entered a Dolly Parton look alike contest and didn’t win

5: jelly fish are made of 95% of water

6: sea otters hold each other’s paws when they are a sleep so they don’t drift apart

7: China was the first country to use paper money

8: penguins only have have one mate their entire life and propose by giving their mate a pebble

9: ketch up was sold in 1830s for medicine


My version:

What’s Cinderella without glass shoes
What’s piglet without pooh
What’s snow white without an apple
That’s me without you

When Ariel can’t swim
And mulan can’t fight
When Sally can’t scare
When shere khan can’t bite

When Minnie hates bows
And buzz can’t fly
When joy isn’t happy
And babies hate lullabies

When tinkerbell isn’t magic
And happily ever after isn’t true

That’s when I will stop loving you

Original version:

what’s Micky without Minnie
What’s piglet without pooh
What’s Donald without daisy
That’s me without you

When Ariel doesn’t sing
And pooh bear hates honey
When tigger stops bouncing
And goofy isn’t funny

When Peter Pan can’t fly
And simba never roars
When Alice in wonderland
Can’t fit through small doors

When Dumbos ears are small
And happily ever after isn’t true

That’s when I will stop loving you

With a side guest’s

Not so long ago there was a 13 year old girl named Chloe who was getting ready for her party.
Chloe was in such a rush because she only had 3 hours until her guests arrived. So Chloe started setting up.
She started of with putting up the streamers, banners and other decorations.
Chloe then set the table up, she placed down plates, bowls, spoons, forks, knifes and then cups.

With then only 1 hour and a half left chloe started getting her self ready.
She started with find what she was wearing ( shorts, a white crop top and sandals), she then had a shower and got dressed,
After having a shower Chloe spent 30 minutes doing her hair and putting her makeup on.

With 45 minutes left Chloe decided to quickly go to the bakery and pick up a cake, candles and some soft drink.
Chloe then arrived home with only 5 minutes to spare,most she quickly places everything down.
Chloe ran up to her room and grabbed her phone when all of a sudden she saw something she shouldn’t have seen, and what she saw was the party invitations.
Chloe forgot to give out the invitations so that meant she had no guests coming to the party.

Sophie chapter 3

“ Press the first button, that will start the plane.”, “ then pull the lever back, that will realise the plane.” and so on.

After the “ press this and press that.” I finally enter the air.
With a little help from the “ voice “ I am up, up, up and down down down.
I can’t get control of the plane, I am going to crash, crash, crash.
I finally reach the ground, but there is no damage at all.
I step out of the once flying vehicle, turn and look at the plane.
I then read what is on the door “ not real”.
I think oh great it’s not a real plane.

I head back to my room where I find a note on the door.
It says “ everyday training will start at 5:30 am, you will get ready then head to your training teacher. Good night.”
Ok 5:30 it is.
I walk in to the room and find Ziggi crying.
“ What’s wrong?”
“ I didn’t make it for heart fixing,” she replies.
I dump my stuff on my bed and give Ziggi a cuddle.
I then head for the shower. I turn on the tap, play my music and just sit at the bottom of the shower.
I think, why dad why, why did you send me here.

I wake up at 4:30am the next morning, 1 hour hour to get ready.
So let’s start with:
Breakfast 1 muffin
5 minute shower
And 30 minutes to get dressed and do my hair

Then it hits 5:30am, then Zac comes through the door yelling
“Time to get to work.”
We all then go to our training spots and Zigi goes through the gain to risk door
To take another test.

As I reach my desk our teacher comes and tells us what we are doing.
“ Ok class today we are going to learn to fly a real plane.”
So we all grab our books and follow Captian floss.

As we reach the planes Captian floss goes through how to fly a plane.
After about half an hour of instructions we then jump in the planes.
We press a whole heap of buttons and pull some leavers and all of a sudden we are up up up in the sky.

Poem for religion assessment

We take our seat
For new people we do meet
We all stand up and start to sing
Turn of phones so they don’t ring
The priest walks in dressed in vestments
With the bible full of testaments

He greets us with the sign of the cross
Then his hand he does toss
He kneels down and kisses the altar
He then gets up with little falter
We all may sit and feel welcomed

Then the First reading is then read
After this, the responsorial psalm is said
The second reading then the gospel
A reading about an apostle
Then the prayers of faithful we do pray
With our response “ lord hear us “ we do say

The priest he prays over the offerings
And prays for all our Suffering
We all come up for bread and wine
We then bow down when second in line

For the mass is almost done
Hope you’ve had lots of fun
Once again the kiss of the altar
Up again with little falter
The priest then says “ go in peace “
And “ spread the word “ for those who cease